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3 months into pregnancy, loving every episode

My wife and I are 3 months in, I started listening as soon as my wife told me on my commute to work. Loving every episode and it’s good to listen to their different perspective on all the topics.

New (aspiring) Dad

My wife and I are 7 months into pregnancy and I enjoy the topics, the brevity and conversations in this podcast. I’m excited to be a dad and this show is very positive and informational.

Fun Info

Don’t have any kids that I know about yet but if/when it happens, I’ll be ready having followed this podcast. Fun banter and great info!

Where was this show when I was going from dude to dad???

I’ve gone from dude to dad (my kids are in the 20s now) and man do I wish I had a podcast like this when I was going from dude to dad. Heck, I wish there were any podcasts back then, but especially this one. The things these guys discuss hit the nail on the head for one greying dad who was once a dude. Subscribe!

Makes an important topic fun

So happy I discovered this podcast! We’ve got a lot of new dads in our family and friends group. The episodes are short, funny, and informative. Definitely passing this one along!

Fabulous and Fun!

Hey Guys! Really loving your new podcast! New Dads need to hear the facts, the fun, the Fears and the Fabulous times of Fatherhood, and get support through it all! Keep up the great and fun show! Coach Riana Milne

Love the dad tips!

Great conversations and tips about being a dad. I’ve been a dad for a few years now but still find value in the show!

Excellent! Conversational, not clinical.

I like how conversational this is. Kind of nervous about becoming a dad, but these guys are making it sound do-able while being pretty blunt/real about certain things to be prepared for. Breezed through the first ten episodes. I want to buy these guys a beer. Ready for more.